Who we are

We are a worldwide non-profit organization.

We promote programs on leadership, women, peace, AIDS, citizen security, peace education and Corporate Social Responsibility.  These programs may or may not be interrelated.

The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation accepts individuals from all walks of life with no distinction of sex, race, ideology, sexual orientation, or religion. We believe that peace can be used as a tool to improve human relations and in the particular case of HIV/AIDS, help stop the spread of the epidemic.

The Foundation is made up of the following Administrative Board:

President - Patricia Perez

In 2012 she became Global President of the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation. In 2009, she became Global President of ICW Global (International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS) and remained in that position until 2012, working with women living with HIV in 120 countries around the world. Between 2008-2009 she was Vice-President of the Coalition of First Ladies and Women Leaders of Latin America on Women and AIDS. In 1992 she was Co-Founder of ICW Global in Amsterdam, Holland and in 1994 she was representative of ICW Argentina. She has been nominated seven times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Vice-President - Daniel Barberis

2012: Co-Founder and Vice-President of the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation
2009-2013: Responsible for Communications for ICW’s Global Campaign: More Peace Less AIDS
2001-2010: Director of the Center of Forum Reports of NGOs against Discrimination Argentina
2007-2009: Regional Secretary for COASCE in Latin America and the Caribbean: Coordinator of NGO’s working on issues of AIDS within prisons.
1994-1995: Vice-President for the Law Commission Editor in the creation of INADI- Institution against Discrimination- Argentina
1993-1995: Sub-Secretary of Community Public Relations for the Ministry of the Interior & Transportation, Argentina

Secretary - Irene Romero

Degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Coordinator of the Office of International Support of ICW Global since 2010. President of SOLDAR (The Civil Society of Solidarity Amongst Argentines) since 2004. Coordination of projects for ICW Latina (2002-2009). Current secretary of the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation.

Treasurer - Susana Vázquez

Health Educator with a specialization in ITS/HIV/AIDS prevention from a gender-oriented perspective: trained at the UBA School of Medicine. She works in Counseling and Education for the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, ICW GLOBAL. She also represents ICW GLOBAL at the Women’s Parliament for the Buenos Aires City Legislature.
2002-2008: Educational Coordinator for “Social Problems of AIDS” Course and assistant for OSISAL: Social Observatory for the Impact of AIDS in Latin America.
1988-1995: Founder and Educational Coordinator for GESETS: Educational Group on Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDS.
1995-1998: Member of the Counseling Team for patients with HIV/AIDS at Muñiz Hospital in cooperation with SOLDAR and the Fundeso Association
2000-2002: Member of the Research and Intervention Team of the Intercambios Association for substance abusers

Pro Treasurer - Delia Romero

My name is Delia Maria Romero. I was born 68 years ago in the Jujuy province. I am a social psychologist and I have lived in Buenos Aires for 42 years. I define myself as a social activist. I have worked with street children, in drug rehabilitation and treatment centers and for “El Borda: Artists in Neuropsychiatry”. I was treasurer for the Social Psychologists Association (APSRA) working with issues of unemployment and domestic violence. I am a coordinator for Learning Groups at the Our Time Institution; addressing the issue of discrimination within schools. I am a member of SOLDAR, AMEPSA and the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation. In my free time, I like to write stories, sing and play the guitar as well as get involved in my local community.

Press - Sonia Velásquez

Spokesperson, TV & Video Producer and Social Activist. I distinguish myself by creating high quality pieces with a focus on esthetics and inspiration.

I care most about gender equality, peace and women’s empowerment, especially when these values are demonstrated in coherent campaigns with a clear message to the audience. I have become successful because of my established objectives.

President’s Assistant - Belén Pacheco

Belen has a degree in International Relations. She joined the Foundation in October 2012 and became the president’s assistant.

Panama Representative - Fernán Molinos Delaswsky

Delaswsky has worked as a press correspondent, editor, columnist and as a director of print, radio and television media. He served as Director General of Panama’s Communication Network and for ten years, was the Vice-President of Corporate Communications for the Panama Canal. Delaswsky has also been involved with the Forum of Journalists for Freedom and Expression of Information as well as the National Council for Journalism in Panama.

Delaswsky is also Vice-President of the Committee for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA).He has represented Panama in numerous official missions in various continents. He is the author of “Un Puente entre los mundos- Cronología de la historia del Canal de Panamá”. In 2005, he received the “Orden Nacional Manuel Amador Guerrero” which was a prestigious award given to him for his service to the country as well as contribution to Panamanian journalism. He is Co-Director and Executive Editor of “La Prensa” in Panama.