Costa Rica Joins the Global Campaign Against the Feminization of AIDS

Nicaragua –Nicaragua Hoy Newspaper – June 3rd, 2008

Costa Rica officially joined the global campaign to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and the “feminization” of the epidemic.

The campaign launch was done locally and led by Vice-President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla as well as by the Argentine activist Patricia Pérez, Regional Secretary for the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS.

Chinchilla stated that “there is an urgent need to establish alliances so as to enable us to mobilize resources to respond to this unacceptable feminization of the epidemic, which affects not only women, but their daughters and sons as well”.

She continued: “We now know that no disease in modern times has attracted as many fears, doubts and prejudices as HIV/AIDS and that it has been affecting vulnerable sectors of the population like women”.

According to statistics from UNAIDS, in 2007 there were 33.2 million people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), of which 15.4 million were women.

On her part, Pérez expressed that the goal of the campaign was to raise awareness amongst various sectors of society, whether it be to politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists or other actors about the importance of refraining from discriminating against HIV/AIDS-positive individuals.

The Argentine activist will meet the President of Costa Rica and the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Oscar Arias this Thursday.