Commemorating June 27th and the Month of Peace to Overcome AIDS: Women Leaders’ Breakfast

Panama – Únete Latinoamérica – June 12th, 2013

Argentina.- The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation and ICW Global jointly hosted a Women Leader’s Breakfast on June 10th in the city of Buenos Aires. Moni Pizani, the Director for UNWOMEN for the Americas and the Caribbean was present. This event took place within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility and AIDS program and in commemoration of June 27th and the Month of Peace to Overcome AIDS, which is a day that both The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation and ICW Global created.

Twenty female leaders from art, culture, politics, justice, business and civil society sectors participated in the breakfast. Topics discussed included women, peace, non-violence, leadership, citizen security and a strategic planning session for the next few years from a gender-based perspective.

One of the main results from the meeting was a creation of a working group that will keep contact so as to further elaborate on the topics discussed at the breakfast as well as to get other leading women from Argentina onboard the project.

Participants, besides Ms. Moni Pizani, included Alicia Pierini- Ombudswomen of the City of Buenos Aires.; Silvia Fesquet- President of the IWF (International Women´s Forum) in Argentina / Assistant-Secretary for the newspaper Clarín; Teresa Anchorena, ex-legislator, art curator and gallery director;  Dra. Laura Balart- Director of the Women’s Office of the Supreme Court; Lidia Saya- Buenos Aires City Legislator; Dra. Virginia Simari- President of AMJA – Women Judges’ Association of Argentina; Silvia Majdalani- National Legislator; Dolores Gandulfo- COPPPAL – Representative from the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean; Margarita Melo de Vaquer- President of the Marianne Association; Mónica Navarro- CEO of the Vessel Shipping Company; Viviana Rosas- Manager for M∙A∙C COSMETICS ARGENTINA; Irene Kampel- Forum for MERCUSOR Women Entrepreneurs and Luz Aquilante- Coordinator for UNWOMEN Argentina.

In the photograph:

Lidia, Teresa, Dr. Virginia Simari President of AMJA, Moni Pizani Director for UNWOMEN for the Americas and the Caribbean, Patricia Pérez President of The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation, Monica Navarro CEO and captain of the Vessel Shipping Company,  Margarita Melo de Vaquer President Marianne Association, Silvia Fesquet President of IWF Argentina / Assistant-Secretary for the newspaper Clarín

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