CSR/AIDS Program Launched in June at Vessel Shipping Company

Spain – Globedia– June 6th, 2013

The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation and ICW Global will host a series of events in Argentina in the Month of Peace to Overcome AIDS to mark the actions they take each year across five continents.

On Tuesday June 4th, the Foundation began training managers and staff at the Vessel Shipping Company on how to deal with issues of AIDS within the workplace. These activities took placed based on the Foundations CSR/AIDS program.

Other activities that will take place include the Women Leader’s Breakfast on June 10th with Moni Pizani, the Director for UNWOMEN for the Americas and the Caribbean, who will arrive in Buenos Aires from Panama to develop an official agenda for UNWOMEN. Twenty female leaders from art, culture, politics, justice, business and civil society sectors participated will participate in the breakfast. Topics to discuss will include women, peace, non-violence, leadership, citizen security and a strategic planning session for the next few years from a gender-based perspective.

On June 27th, Pérez will sign a partnership agreement with the Women Judges’ Association of Argentina (AMJA), represented by President Dr. Virgina Simari.


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