Michelle Bachelet appoints Patricia Perez as member of the first-ever UN WOMEN Civil Society Advisory Group

Michelle Bachelet appoints Patricia Perez as member of the first-ever UN WOMEN Civil Society Advisory Group

Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 21st 2012.

The Executive Director of UNWOMEN, Michelle Bachelet appointed Patricia Perez to be one of the twenty members of the first-ever UN WOMEN Civil Society Advisory Group.

Patricia Perez, President of ICW GLOBAL, is the only leader in the AIDS sector who has been asked to become part of this group for the next two years. The group is composed of well-known activists, lawyers, community leaders and scholars who will facilitate the dialogue between civil society and UN WOMEN. The group, appointed by Michelle Bachelet, is based on a vast consultation with civil society networks and nominations from civil society organizations. Patricia Perez spoke of her appointment by saying: “Sharing this task with female leaders from diverse cultures will be of great value for me and will help UN WOMEN accomplish its goals”.

The first meeting of the UN WOMEN Civil Society Advisory Group will take place in September at the 67th General Assembly. This is when members will be able to contribute and speak about their women’s rights work for the United Nations. This decision was announced at the 56th Commission on the Status of Women and has just been confirmed by link to the press release that can be found at the bottom of this page.

Patricia Perez spoke from Buenos Aires and stated that: “This appointment has honored me however I realize that it is a great responsibility. As President of the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, I have always made a huge commitment to preserving human rights, just like Dr. Bachelet. I believe that this new experience within the UN will be a successful venture in which will increase women’s agency”.

This group will help to strengthen UN WOMEN’s engagement and partnerships with civil society at all levels. “I am delighted that a group of outstanding international women's rights advocates and experts on gender issues have agreed to serve on my Global Civil Society Advisory Group. They will play an important consulting role, and provide strategic perspectives on advocacy on gender equality and women's empowerment and on UN Women's thematic priorities”, said Ms. Bachelet. “I look forward to working together towards our common goals,” she added.

Link to UN WOMEN’S Official Press Release: Click here