The Argentine Women Judges Association Partners With The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation

Argentina - +PEACE -AIDS Foundation, June 28th 2013

Buenos Aires, June 27th 2013.

A partnership was signed at 4PM yesterday between the AMJA and The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation at the Judge’s Association’s Headquarters at Lavalle 1334 in Buenos Aires.

Doctor Virginia Simari (President of the AMJA) and Patricia Perez ( President of The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation) signed a partnership agreeing to jointly work on themes of Peace, Leadership, Women, Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizen Security.

“AMJA has gained a new perspective and can now hopefully work closer to society’s problems. With The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation, we will be able to bring about change in our nation by introducing highly needed programs that require constant and continuous action” said said Dr. Simari upon signing the agreement.

Upon signing the agreement, Patricia Perez said: “Our joint action with the AMJA to promote peace as a tool to fight AIDS is something that we have anticipated with great enthusiasm and hope to reproduce in both our names in the five continents where the Foundation works. As the Day of Peace Against AIDS (June 27th), we thank women in justice who open up their hearts to work with us and really address these issues that have a great impact on our society”.

It was finally that a working meeting was designated between both leaders so as to outline specific actions to bring their partnership to life.

Dr. Simari from AMJA and Patricia Pérez from FMPMS signing the agreement. Photo credit: Mariano Capone- Aluvión Zoo SRL