6th Annual Gala for Peace as a Tool Against AIDS (2013)

+PEACE -AIDS Foundation, October 13th 2013

The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW Global) and the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation hosted its 6th Annual Gala on Monday, October 7th at the Sofitel Arroyo hotel with more than 200 guests.

The 6th Annual Gala was held with a large number of political leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and notable personalities in attendance.

We delivered our annual recognition of “Amigos para siempre” to four individuals who have taken constant actions to use peace as a tool against AIDS.

The winners were:
Buenos Aires City Legislator, Maria Elena Naddeo, Legislator Gabriela Michetti, Dr. Alberto Cormillot and business leader Fernando Colanero.
All received the “Dr. Laura Astarloa” statuette.

Among those invited a special mention goes to: Pedro Mouratian (INADI Argentina President) Carmen Polledo (PRO), Lía Rueda (PRO); Francisco Cafiero (FPV), Dolores Gandulfo (COPPPAL-Conference of Latin American Political Party Leaders), Alejandro Garcia (PRO), Lidia Saya (PRO), Marcela Bordenave and  María Julia Rodríguez (Minister for Women from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Silvia Majdalani (PRO), Juan Pablo Arenaza (UPT), Carolina Duer (World Boxing Champion), Mario Boyd Galindo (Panama Ambassador), Virginia Simari (Women Judges Association), Silvia Fesquet (President of the IWF-International Women’s Forum in Argentina and assistant-secretary for the Clarín newspaper), Roberto Piazza (fashion designer), with Carla Czudnowsky, Verónica Janowicz (the president of the Argentine Actor’s Association), Alejandra Darin, Charly (Bendita TV), Fernando Samartin (Sandro), Giannina Giunta (Stravaganza), Sebastián Giunta,(pianist SANDRO), Adrián Barilari (Rata Blanca), Alberto Stella (UNAIDS) and Carlos Falistocco (the head of the AIDS program for Argentina).

All enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere while reporting on the global actions of the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation and by also commenting on the current health situation of the President Cristina Fernandez.

Patricia Pérez, Candidate for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize and President of the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation addressed the audience: “We are here today to thank you for your constant support and to insist so as to successfully prevent the transmission of AIDS, we need to incorporate peace into all human interactions so as to stop family violence, bullying in schools and career discrimination. We need to let the world know that priorities must put into consideration and that money should stop being invested in war and that it should be directed towards other purposes. We need to remember that with only 1% of the global military expenditure, we can stop HIV/AIDS. On a final note, I would like to wish a speedy recovery to Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez.”


Silvina Molina

Daniel Barberis

Sonia Velasquez

In the photo: Buenos Aires City Legislator, Maria Elena Naddeo, Legislator Gabriela Michetti, Dr. Alberto Cormillot and business leader Fernando Colanero with Patricia Pérez and their prizes.