UNESCO Welcomes The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation To Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile - +PEACE –AIDS Foundation, December 17th 2013

Valenzuela, Silva, Sequeira, Pérez and Bernal at the UNESCO Headquarters in Chile.

In December 2013, on her recent mission to Chile, Patricia Pérez was welcomed at the UNESCO headquarters by Don Jorge Sequeira, the Director of the Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and by Lady Victoria Valenzuela. Issues such as the intersection of HIV with teaching and other various themes were discussed.

The representative of ICW Chile, Doña Marcela Silva and the spokeswoman for the network, Graciela Bernal, accompanied Patricia on the visit.

Patricia provided Mr. Sequeira with a clear description of the Foundation’s work in regards to citizen security, leadership, corporate social responsibility, peace education, actions against AIDS related family violence, school bullying, gender violence and discrimination in the workplace. 

Sequeira expressed interest in creating a partnership for the future and proposed that the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation takes on an education-oriented approach in the post-2015 agenda.

At the end of their meeting, Patricia Pérez made one final comment: “By examining issues in regards to education, we were today able to analyze these from a different perspective. By consulting with Mr. Sequeira, we are now working towards a promising path that will lead us to a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties we are currently facing. We need to work together so as to visualize solutions to help us overcome these. The meeting today was a step of strategic importance for both institutions”.