The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation at the Regional Forum in the Dominican Republic.

Venezuela – Entorno Inteligente – October 16th, 2013

ENTORNOINTELIGENTE.COM / ICW Latina and The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation held a press conference today, October 14th 2013, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the city and distributed the following document. We have highlighted the resulting key paragraphs:

Yesterday, ICW Latina and The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation actively participated in The Forum of Feminist Organizations (FOF Santo Domingo 2013) and will participate as of tomorrow in the XII Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The delegation is made up of Patricia Pérez, regional-secretary of ICW Latina and Global President of ICW Global, nominated seven times for the Nobel Peace Prize, President of The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation and advisor to the Global Civil Society Advisory group for UNWOMEN. From ICW Latina, the Regional Secretariat of ICW Latina is present with Arely Cano from Nicaragua, Chapter Leader Bertha Chete from Guatemala and Chapter Leader Felipa Subervi from The Dominican Republic.

The female leaders expressed many concerns like the fact “that gaps still exists and that HIV has increased amongst women at reproductive age. Women are excluded from decision-making areas and suffer from a lack of sexual and reproductive health education as well as an ignorance of the laws that protect them. Populations most affected are usually women living with disabilities, individuals of African descent, indigenous people and immigrants”.

Based on the title of the conference “Women’s Autonomy in the Digital Economy and in Virtual Society”, the female leaders highlighted the importance of new technologies. They insisted that they should be more accessible for women as they were largely absent before, but that access should be provided and that resources and funding is needed for greater participation. For this, country’s budget and agreement to cooperate is needed, to know how much access is provided to women and much less is provided to women living with HIV.

It is because of this work that ICW Latina and The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation have signed a partnership to develop this project in Latin America alongside the other programs of peace actions, women’s leadership, citizen security and corporate social responsibility. This also coincides with the agreement signed by the CIM-OAS for the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation.