Regional Forum Organized by ICW Latina and The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation

Nicaragua – López Hurtado Blog– February 5th, 2014

Roundtable on Including Women in Political and Policy Design Decision-Making Processes

“To be part of a group of women is a political decision” affirmed the Buenos Aires political representative Lidia Saya.

Lidia Saya- Buenos Aires City Legislator, Carlos Emilio López- Representative for Nicaragua, Guadalupe Castañeda- ICW El Salvador, Arely Cano from Nicaragua-ICW Latina and Patricia Pérez from Argentina-MPLAF at the roundtable debate.

The Regional Forum in Panama on “Keys for the Development of Women’s Leadership in Latin America” was jointly organized by the More Peace Less AIDS Foundation and ICW Latina. The audience was made up of over 70 personalities from over 22 countries in the region and issues such as including women in political and policy design decision-making processes were discussed. The following members led the debate:

-  Lidia Saya – Buenos Aires City Legislator, Argentina-

-  Carlos Emilio López – Deputy Commissioner on Justice and Legal Affairs/Women’s Affairs, Youth, Childhood and Family, Nicaragua.

-  Guadalupe Castañeda – ICW El Salvador

The collaboration of the roundtable participants helped to establish concepts of great value for the conclusions and agreements that were achieved.

The Buenos Aires City Legislator, Lidia Saya confirmed that: “To be part of a group of women is a political decision”. “To walk towards positions of power is something that together and by making proposals, we can identify”.

“We need to move forwards to encourage the application of laws, in which real spaces are given to political decision-making in gender proposals. This topic must be put on our country’s agenda and it must be part of our states’ policy practices” proposed Nicaragua’s representative, Carlos Emilio Lopez. ICW’s El Salvador’s delegate Guadalupe Castaneda added that “we need to promote strategies to identify AIDS in government’s agendas”. Throughout the discussion, Castaneda encouraged participants to be creative and act in solidarity. Her work at this conference is a shining example to how roundtable work can lead to common spaces. These are all useful indications in which we hope, will assist us in examining the future of this theme. “

Irene Romero from Argentina- MPLAF, Lidia Saya-Buenos Aires City Legislator, Carlos Emilio López- Nicaraguan Deputy Commissioner, Guadalupe Castañeda - ICW El Salvador, Arely Cano from Nicaragua- ICW Latina.