The More Peace Less AIDS Head Office Opens in Panama

Panama- More Peace Less AIDS Foundation- November 19th, 2013

Panama City, November 19th 2013: The workshop on the “Development of Women’s Leadership in Latin America” concluded today in Panama City. This activity was hosted by the head office of The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation for the Americas which is based in Ciudad del Saber, Panama. 

The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation-MPLAF, jointly with ICW Latina reunited participants from over 22 Latin American countries on November 18th and 19th to analyze women’s participation in social, political and business spheres of Latin America.

Participants at the roundtable included Regional Secretary of ICW Latina Arely Cano - Nicaragua, Global President of the MPLAF Patricia Pérez – Argentina, UNAIDS Regional Director for Latin America Dr. César Núñez, Regional Deputy Director for UNWOMEN Anna Coates and ICW Panama’s Edith Tristán.

Issues discussed amongst the 70 participants included: peace and justice, corporate social responsibility, HIV, AIDS, non-violence against women, inclusion in areas of political and public policy and more.