Buenos Aires, Argentina. INADI Supports Our Actions for Using Peace as a Tool to Overcome AIDS

Peace Actions against AIDS

Global Program on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Working World and AIDS.

Pedro Mouratian, the auditor for the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) participated this Tuesday at the presentation in Argentina on the Global Program on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Working World and AIDS. This was presented by ICW Global (International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS) alongside to the Ambassador of France, Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian. The activity took place at the Historic Ortiz Basualdo Palace, which is the headquarters of the French Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Mouratian stressed that “INADI supports ICW’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with the upmost conviction that the right to health constitutes as one of the most fundamental human rights and that it is absolutely inseparable from the constitutional principle of non-discrimination.” He argues that “the implementation of gender-oriented public policies and concrete actions are needed to ensure equality and non-discrimination for HIV/AIDS-positive individuals, which in turns, will allow us to construct a more inclusive society that respects human rights”.

Also present, in addition to prominent personalities in local politics was the Director of Promotion and Development for Practices Against Discrimination, Julia Contreras, the person in charge for the HIV/AIDS INADI Health Program, Doctor Pedro Paradiso Sottile and finally, Erica Roxana Almeida from INADI’s Health Program.
INADI supports ICW’s program. Its contribution will be the implementation of training on the recognition, protection and promotion of human rights as well as non-discrimination in the different spaces of the working world.

This initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility is an opportunity for workers, companies and union representatives to put their words into action and join forces to fight discrimination against HIV/AIDS-positive individuals and to promote the greater inclusion and exercise of citizenship of those living with the disease in Argentina.

ICW GLOBAL, whose president is Patricia Pérez, hosted this activity in Argentina to fit the framework of the Second Global Action Week, which seeks the UN’s recognition of June 27th as The International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS. More than 200 prominent personalities attended. Notable guests included representatives of the CGE, CMEA, Swedish-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber of Commerce, The General Confederation on Production, UNAIDS Southern Cone, trade unions, business executives and national officials.