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June 27th: International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS

June 27th: International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS

The network of HIV-positive Guatemalan women joint forces with the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) to proclaim June 27th as the International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS.

Source: Red Guatemalteca Mujeres Positivas en Acción

Why the 27th of June? We need a day to act as a reminder to the world about the need to unite so as to stop the transmission of AIDS. Peace is an incredible tool and can be used to prevent the perpetration of family violence, stigma, discrimination and the abuse of human rights. It is especially important to adopt a gender-based perspective when examining these issues as girls, adolescents, youth and women are most vulnerable to some of the greatest violations like rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence and other types of transgressions that affect their rights.

It is thus that ICW Global stands united so as to fight AIDS.

On June 27th, 2001 the United Nations Declaration on AIDS (UNGASS) was sanctioned in New York City. HIV/AIDS was declared as a global emergency requiring immediate action. At that time, UNGASS established a variety of resolutions and programmatic and political recommendations to help local, national and international leaders face the pandemic in an integrated, effective and fair manner.

We need to reinforce that commitment. We need to increase the global response to the pandemic.

Women and men of all ages, religions, races, ideologies and classes from all over the world need to join forces so as to make a commitment to lasting peace so as overcome HIV/AIDS. We are looking for other paths not yet touched upon. We are looking for solutions that lead to lasting peace and which will counteract the devastating effects of the disease.