The More Peace Less AIDS Campaign Visits the Spanish Social Workers’ Party (PSOE)

Spain – PSOE – February 5th, 2009

On February 5th, Pedro Zerolo, the Secretary of Social Movements for PSOE (In Spanish: Partido Socialista Obrero Español) held a working meeting to hear the proposals of ICW Latina’s Regional Secretariat. Patricia Pérez came to Spain this year to implement “The More Peace Less AIDS” global campaign that ICW has been developing in various countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

At a luncheon that lasted almost three hours, Zerolo and Pérez (who is also Vice-President of the Women & AIDS portfolio of the Coalition of First Ladies and Women Leaders of Latin America) exchanged ideas and laid the foundation of the joint work that they would like to carry out over the year to make AIDS  a more visible and political issue in Spain that would be incorporated into the government agenda.

Pérez spoke about the need for an interview with the President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and the Vice-President María Teresa Fernández de la Vega Sanz to interest them personally in “The More Peace Less AIDS Campaign” that ICW Latina is conducting in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa and which they would like to start in Europe, starting by Spain.

Pedro Zorolo emphasized his support from the Social Movements sector of PSOE in the work that ICW Latina is doing in the field of HIV/AIDS.

“Our expectations for this meeting have been met. We now know that Spain is prepared to work jointly with ICW to help HIV-positive individuals and especially affected girls, adolescents and women who are still hoping and waiting for treatment free of discrimination or stigma. To do this, we must construct a peace culture in communities and within society, this will be an indispensable tool” concluded Patricia Pérez upon exiting PSOE headquarters in Madrid.