To build a peace culture so as to oppose violence that generates ignorance, prejudice, fanaticism and inequalities, all which are socio-economic-political factors that are potential roots of HIV/AIDS.

Peace is not only the absence of war, but rather the absence of all types of violence. Our interpretation of peace is manifold as it includes the elimination of domestic violence as well as removal of discrimination from the workplace, in schools, in communities and globally. It is also our mission to develop Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Peace and AIDS programs. These can be related to each other or function as independent programs to support gender equality and family empowerment using peace as a factor to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that comes with HIV/AIDS and by also including the institutional and business sector as part of the solution.





  1. Inciting governmental action so as to effectively respond with depth and understanding to the issues that affect individuals living with HIV/AIDS. AIDS is not just a medical problem, it is also political.
  1. Creating a peace culture so as to educate others on human rights through workshops, conferences, lectures and seminars generating insightful communication through photography, music, television, theater, radio, the press and social networking.
  1. Establishing our Multi-Sectorial National¬† Committees which include: women’s rights or gender-equality organizations, governments, parts of civil society that are not involved with HIV/AIDS prevention, NGOs and networks of individuals living with HIV/AIDS, businesses, organizations and foundations that work for peace. Other individuals that are included are well-known personalities, athletes, union leaders, journalists, religious communities, and indigenous populations amongst many others. All of these people see peace as a definite tool to fight AIDS.
  1. Building leadership in women, men and children so that they can fight for peace and human rights.

  1. Advocating for gender equality and using peace as a measure to eliminate the stigma and discrimination that can be caused by HIV/AIDS.
  1. Adopting June 27th as “International Day of Peace against AIDS”.
  1. Promoting campaigns which will achieve the necessary visibility to pressure military and defense forces to lessen the spending on arms and redistribute these resources to health, education and social sectors.
  1. Informing employers, employees and union representatives about “Corporate Social Responsibility for AIDS”. This is so as to let them know on measures that they can adopt to promote peace and human rights and to avoid any prejudice, discrimination and HIV-related stigma in the workplace.