Nelly Minyersky

Nelly Minyersky is an Argentine lawyer who was born in 1929 in the region of San Miguel de Tucuman. She has worked a long career specializing in Family Law and has shown concern about various issues in relation to human rights.

Professional Life
At twenty-seven, Minyersky began to study law at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and completed her degree in 1961. Shortly after, she began teaching; however that came to a halt following the political mobilization called “The Night of the Long Batons”. She was excluded from teaching from “el Proceso de Reorganización Nacional” due to her ideological beliefs. Her right to teach was granted once more in 1973 following Argentina’s return to democracy.

Minyersky began her teaching career as an assistant and then became a professor of civil law. As of now, she has taught numerous courses and seminars on the links between family law and procedural issues, children's rights, adoption, and family violence.  In 1977, she was appointed to be a Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Buenos Aires. Since then, she has directed the Interdisciplinary Specialization in Child and Youth Issues for the Master’s Program. Additionally, Minyersky is the author of numerous publications and presentations focusing on topics such as children's rights, the learning process of children and adolescents, AIDS, sexual rights and reproductive rights, abortion, food obligations, assisted procreation, various bioethical issues, doctor-patient relationships in regards to children, international adoption, the study of the right to identity as well as the consumption of illegal substances.

Her varied experience led to her being the first ever female president of the Bar Association of Buenos Aires as well as the first to chair the Disciplinary Tribunal of this same group. In the international sphere, Minyersky has served as Vice-President of the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers and Vice President and Secretary General of the Association of Legal Career Women. Minyersky has been part of the Secretariat of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, which is an NGO with consultative status with ECOSOC and UNESCO. Despite all of these commitments, she has continuously practiced law and in 1992 was the producer of the Argentine film “At the Edge of the Law”.