Fernán Molinos Delaswsky

Delaswsky has worked as a press correspondent, editor, columnist and as a director of print, radio and television media. He served as Director General of Panama’s Communication Network and for ten years, was the Vice-President of Corporate Communications for the Panama Canal. Delaswsky has also been involved with the Forum of Journalists for Freedom and Expression of Information as well as the National Council for Journalism in Panama.

Delaswsky is also Vice-President of the Committee for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA).He has represented Panama in numerous official missions in various continents. He is the author of “Un Puente entre los mundos- Cronología de la historia del Canal de Panamá”. In 2005, he received the “Orden Nacional Manuel Amador Guerrero” which was a prestigious award given to him for his service to the country as well as contribution to Panamanian journalism.