Significance and Origin of the International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS

June 27th: The International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS


In 2001, ICW Global promoted “More Peace Less AIDS” and argued that HIV is diffused by the violation of human rights, domestic violence and by stigma and discrimination in society. The organization claimed that peace could serve as an extraordinary tool so as to fight against HIV/AIDS.

"Having learnt firsthand from many of the 120 countries in which we operate, we know that peace is a definite means that can be used to stop violence in its different forms and to fight against AIDS... we believe that peace is a tool that can halt wars between nations, where the funds required to stop AIDS are diverted to arms and weapons" said Patricia Perez, eight times nominee to the Nobel Peace Prize and the only woman with HIV to be ever considered for this important award.

Since 2001, ICW Global, ICW Latina and the MPLAF have made the commitment to promote The International Day of Peace to Overcome AIDS on June 27th so as to promote a day of peace and positive action against the disease.

Our global actions remind us how much we need to strengthen the commitment to the cause so as to improve the global social response to the pandemic and to seek other unexplored paths that link our actions with lasting peace, so as to counteract the devastating effects of AIDS.
The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation, ICW Global and ICW Latina have joint forces in their actions so as to promote peace, a definite tool which can be used to overcome human rights violations, domestic violence and stigma and discrimination within society.

On June 27th, 2001 the United Nations Declaration on AIDS (UNGASS) was sanctioned in New York City. HIV/AIDS was declared as a global emergency requiring immediate action. At that time, UNGASS established a variety of resolutions and programmatic and political recommendations to help local, national and international leaders face the pandemic in an integrated, effective and fair manner.

We need to reinforce that commitment.

Women and men of all ages, religions, races, ideologies and classes need to join forces so as to make a commitment to lasting peace so as overcome HIV/AIDS.
Across five continents, members of ICW Global and The More Peace Less AIDS Foundation alongside women, youth and adolescent pledge to celebrating June 27th as a day of action to promote peace as a tool to fight AIDS.